Lara is a certified Yoga Teacher (CYT & RYT),
recognized by the Yoga Alliance.

She specializes in Power Vinyasa (power flow/
vinyasa flow) and uses restorative yoga to create a
powerful Ying-Yang experience.

Lara has been practicing yoga since she was a
toddler. In Lara's teaching, she places emphasis on
posture specificity while recognizing that the real
yoga comes when movement becomes personal,
natural, and intuitive.

Her true job is to be a guide,
aiding students in finding their own inner teacher.
        Private sessions are incredibly beneficial
           for developing and deepening your yoga

              Lessons are carefully designed for your
             unique needs and provide a safe
            environment to ask questions and
            receive personal attention.

For busy New Yorkers, Lara will come to you,
allowing you to avoid any hassles with transportation.

   With groups classes, you can engage in a dialogue.
    This structure provides a dynamic,
      energetic space for you
       to explore your practice.

        Group sizes can vary.
          Lara will also come to your space
           to assist your group.
For inquiries and rates please contact Lara -
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